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4 G-Spot Techniques That Will Shake Her Body and Leave Her Rooted to the Bed (Exciting Sex Game)

4 G-Spot Techniques That Will Shake Her Body and Leave Her Rooted to the Bed (Exciting Sex Game)

by adminoutubro 15, 2015

G-spot orgasms! Do they make your lady shake? Do they cause her body to ripple? Does she shout your name and start babbling nonsense? Does SHE BEG YOU NOT TO Stop? Does she have orgasms for HOURS?

If not, she needs to start experiencing those benefits and deep pleasures TONIGHT. I’ll show you how she certainly can!

These four techniques are incredibly easy and incredibly powerful. Add an exciting little sex game and you’ll rock her world.

1st Technique. Have her beg you to come home and touch her.

If she hasn’t been begging you to do this lately…then you really need this. And, she does, too!

Use a little sex game by teasing her all day long with your text and messages. Start out by telling her how lucky you feel to have her. Ask her how you could turn her on today more than ever.

Then listen and let her talk.

Then follow her lead and send her texts all day long regarding her fantasies. Remember, the human brain is the largest sex organ.

2nd Technique. By the time you get home she should be so ready she wants to rip your clothes off and just get to it.

Don’t you DARE let her do that! What, you say?

That’s right. I want you to give her the hottest make out session of her life. Don’t touch anything but her neck and mouth. Make her so hot she can’t stand it.

3rd Technique. Wait until she begs for it again.

Now, give her a nice combo orgasm like clitoris/breast. Lightly touch her clitoris and put the tip of your tongue on her breast. Increase the sucking power on her nipple but keep the clit touching light.

Ask her how close to climaxing in both spots. Try to coordinate it so both go together. This will be the start of her intense, long, full-body orgasms.

4th Technique. Rock her world!

Now, and only now, sit down on a chair and have her straddle you. She can control the amount of penetration, pressure, and angle. She can hit both the clitoris, g-spot, and deep vaginal spots – all at once.

Learn to make all three spots go at the same time. It will be like a volcano blowing up. Look for intensity, female ejaculations, and even residual orgasms where she has climaxes several days thereafter without touch.

Remember that you can make it very long and exciting for her by trying all different types of orgasm combinations! Try the clitoris/g-spot, breast/g-spot, and deep vaginal/g-spot.

Source by Rachel LaDue

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