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A Basic Introduction to the Game of Golf

A Basic Introduction to the Game of Golf

by adminjulho 31, 2015

The rise in favor of golf has escalated at an extraordinary pace in modern times, bestowing us with sporting hero’s like Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods along with some amazing golf courses like Augusta National, Royal Melbourne and the famous birth place of the British Open, St Andrew’s (old course) in Scotland.

So, what has caused the game of golf to remain in vogue for so long? Quite possibly, it’s the complete challenge that the game provides – both mental and physical. Or perhaps it’s the opportunity to spend quality, leisure time with ones friends, work mates or even people you’ve just met. It could even be the simple fact that golf is a game that produces different results and outcomes every single time you play. All of this is reflected on your scorecard, which in turn is what keeps most of us coming back.

For the completely uninitiated person who is considering taking up this gentlemanly pursuit, I have provided a very basic introduction and some helpful tips to the wonderful game of golf.

A golf course consists of 18 holes; each hole has a pre-determined number of shots required to complete it. This is called the ‘par’ and indicates to everyone how many shots it’s expected to take for you to progress from the tee, down the fairway, onto the green and into the hole.

Par is derived from the length of the hole and also the anticipated level of difficulty in progressing from tee to green. For example, if the Par on a hole is 4, and you take 4 shots to get the ball into the hole, then you have ‘parred’ the hole. If it takes you one more than par, it’s called a ‘bogey’ and if you take one less than par it’s called a ‘birdie’.

Most golf courses also incorporate an extensive number of ‘hazards’ to increase the level of challenge a golfer may face during their game. Sand, water and trees are the most common hazards found on a golf course, and all are cunningly placed to try to ‘trap’ your ball.

Each player keeps the score for their playing partner. At the completion of each hole, you should mark the score your partner shot along with your own. At the end of the round, scores are added up, and the player with the lowest score is the winner.

Golf can be a very complex game…if you let it. Many people who have played for years, are still looking for the secret to golfing success. So it’s important When you first start playing, not to allow yourself to become overwhelmed or expect too much too quickly. If golf really was as easy as it looks, we’d all be


It’s a good idea to get some lessons when you first start. By doing this, you learn the basics properly, which will stand you in good stead as your game develops. Above all, remember to enjoy yourself and have some fun.

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