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How Do I Improve My Golf Game? Do Not Buy New Clubs

How Do I Improve My Golf Game? Do Not Buy New Clubs

by adminagosto 22, 2015

Have you considered buying a new driver to improve your golf game? Will that new set of clubs give you extra distance?

How many golfers go and buy a new club or even a complete set to improve their golf? How many advertisements concentrate on the extra yards you will get if you buy this club?

A new set of golf clubs will not turn you into Tiger Woods overnight, but give Tiger a set of crap, secondhand clubs and he will still be Tiger.

Guys, and girls, although this is a guy thing mainly in my experience, a new driver may give you a bit of extra distance but it will not improve your golf swing. The club only does what you tell it too.

I tell all my students do not buy a new golf club to get better scores, it does not and can not work. You can spend as much cash as you like but a $400 golf club will not improve a scorecard.

Sorry, I know you do not want to hear it but the only way to improve your golf swing is by practice, practice and a bit more practice.

Golf tour pros spend hours every day even during tournaments practicing, why should you be different?

The vast majority of us golfers cannot spend day after day knocking balls down the range, we have a living to earn, families that need our time and a host of other stuff to do.

So, should we give up? No! what we have to do is make any practice time count for something, we need to be efficient. When I wanted to improve my golf swing I made a pact with myself that I would spend twenty minutes a day, five days a week just practicing

The practice to improve your golf swing can be done anywhere, not just on the course or at the range. We should all be able to squeeze in ten to fifteen minutes a day to make ourselves the best golfers we can be.

The problem here is that it is very difficult to know what to concentrate on and what it is exactly we should be practicing. The key to improving your golf game is knowing where the problems lay.

To discover where our efforts should be aimed it is extremely helpful to analyse our game. Next time you go out onto the course take a note book with you and just quickly jot down a few details of the shots you play and the result.

For instance you may drive off, note driver, centre fairway, five iron, left fairway, lob wedge, over green, lob wedge, edge of green, putter, missed left, putter, holed.

From these quick notes you may determine your wedge play is not as good as you would like so start off with ten to fifteen minutes a day practising your short game.

The way to quickly, that means efficiently, improve your golf swing is to find a program which breaks down the game of golf into its parts and shows you what to practice and more importantly how to do it.

Imagine being the guy who drives the furthest, threads the second shot through the gap and wedges it in next to the pin. The proper practice will allow you to do it.

Please do not fall for the promise of an extra ten yards or a straighter drive from the next best thing but make a promise to yourself that you will get those yards and perfect drive by investing in a good program and improve your golf swing.

Source by Norman Stanley

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