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Improve Your Game by Getting Specialist Sunglasses For Golf

Improve Your Game by Getting Specialist Sunglasses For Golf

by adminoutubro 30, 2015

Do you find it difficult to see the ball when playing golf in bright light conditions, despite wearing your usual sunglasses? Then it’s time to improve your visual acuity and therefore your game by investing in specialist sunglasses for golf.

You may have spent a lot of time and money improving your game only to find when playing against someone else who perhaps have better vision than you, that you are at a disadvantage. There is little doubt,that vision, like a lot of other things in life differ greatly between individuals. While some can play with confidence in strong lights and don’t seem affected, others may be.

This is where you should consider purchasing a pair of specialist sunglasses for golf that have been developed with the sport in mind. Unfortunately, all sports tend to need sunglasses that have been specifically designed for that particular sport. For example, for mountaineering and other altitude sports one needs to consider the exceptionally bright conditions as well as the high altitudes. Altitude sports require a category 4 lens that takes these conditions into account. Glasses or goggles required for water sports such a surfing or kayaking etc., should be shatter-proof and fog resistant, have a nose cushion, be buoyant and have a means of fixing securely such as a strap.

Yes, there are several ranges of suitable sunglasses for golf to be found, but some of these are pretty boring so you may need to search a little more for modern more stylish designs. So what should you look for?

Number one as always is 100% UV protection. Don’t go for sunglasses with very small lenses as you will find the sun will still distract you via your peripheral vision. Wider lenses, ideally wrap-a-rounds with a one-piece lens would be appropriate. As for colour, while many golfers go for brown lenses, these can cause colour distortion. Try yellow/amber lenses as this colour will enhance contrast and depth perception. For golf, a lot of people choose polarised lenses which is usually fine, but, you may find that you don’t see all the undulations in the landscape, more particularly where there is water involved. Of course this may cause the ball to end up somewhere other than where you planned!

Prices can vary considerably, but you may be lucky and get a good deal through your local golf club. However, as a general rule-of-thumb, £50 plus should get you a good pair. Take your time to look around for a stylish pair of sunglasses for golf and improve your game simply by being able to see the ball better!

Source by Carrie Westengate

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