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Improve Your Tennis Game In 21 Days

Improve Your Tennis Game In 21 Days

by adminsetembro 6, 2015

This article is for adults and junior students who are playing tennis and want to improve faster and stop wasting money on lessons.

The one thing that you must remember is that tennis is nothing but a feel game.

And the more you focus on getting a better feel for the game in your lessons, the better you will start playing the game.

This is great information here, so take down some notes, so you can refer back to them later on.

Many tennis students struggle learning the game, because they don’t use the power of repetitions in practice.

The first secret you need to know is that,

“Repetitions will create your techniques for your strokes and help you to discover them”.

Everyone has their own unique way of hitting a tennis ball, so you have to work the reps, until you discover your stroke or strokes.

Want to do it in 21 days?

Great, here is a system that works every time for me and I use it when teaching tennis even today.

Listen up carefully, because you will want to remember this 3 step learning process to leap frog the whole process.

1). The first thing you have to do, is get a clear image of the stroke in your subconscious mind.

The image must be clear or you will struggle during the learning phase.

I would watch some videos of the stroke for about 10 to 15 minutes.

On YouTube, there are some slow motion videos of the top pros that are great to use for this very purpose!!

2). Next, after you have a clear image from the video, start doing some shadow swings.

Go slow and easy at first, and be very deliberate on each swing.

In this phase, we are developing muscle memory for the stroke.

You should be focused on getting a good FEEL for the swing, while doing them.

“Also picture yourself hitting the perfect shot on each swing.”

Keep your grip loose and let the racket do all the work on each swing.

3). Now, start hitting some balls.

From here on out, you should start working the repetitions and keep working them, until you discover the stroke.

Look at your tennis lessons as a self-discovery process.

And you have to keep adjusting your swing after every shot and also you should never miss 3 shots in a row.

The reason is simple.

If you miss the first one, adjust your swing, then if you miss the second one, make another adjustment and on the 3rd attempt, you should make the shot.

Make sense right?

Now, if at any time during this self-discovery process, you lose focus, go back to a previous step.

That means.

During the repetition phase, “If your concentration breaks down, go back to the shadow swings or if during the shadow swings phase, you lose your feel for it, go back and watch some more videos to refresh the image of the stroke in your subconscious mind.”

But if everything keeps working as laid out here, you should be able to discover any stroke after about 2, 000 reps.

For those of you, who think that is too many reps, think again.

The reality is, to improve your tennis game in 21 days, all you need to do is get more reps in and do is more often in your lessons or practice.

That’s it folks.

Start today and work on one stroke at a time.

After coaching tennis for 18 years to all levels and ages, the one thing that I have discovered about adult and junior students is that they don’t get enough reps in on a weekly basis.

Some other notes.

Relax more on court.

“Tension negate flow and you can’t get a good feel, when you are tense and feeling frustrated.”

Look to always get into the flow in practice or lessons.

Also look at it like this, “Sometime you will be in flow and sometimes you will be out of it, so learn how to get back in flow, when that happens and your tennis game will be flowing non stop for you on court.

You will also be having a great time too.


“Get a clear image by watching some video of the stroke that you want to develop, then do some shadow swings to get a good feel for that strokes and last, work the reps, until you discover the stroke.”

“If you follow this proven system, I just gave you, you will leap frog the learning curve.”


Because what you are doing here with this system, is using your subconscious mind to help you learn, then master the stroke.

This, along with using repetitions, are what I call, “Speed Tennis Learning”.

I’ll leave you guys with a great quote I heard years ago.

When the student is ready, the stroke will appear!!!

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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