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Mattel Mindflex Game Consumer Review

Mattel Mindflex Game Consumer Review

by adminoutubro 10, 2015

The recently launched Mattel Mindflex game has captured the imagination of adults and kids alike, who are equally intrigued at its mind blowing capabilities! It is amazing that most buyers of the Mind Flex game actually purchase it after seeing it in action or using it themselves. For those of you that are thinking about whether to spend the money and buy Mindflex, we take a closer look to see whether it really lives up to the hype and at the end of the day whether you would just be better off buying a different toy or game.


The Mindflex game Mattel launched had an initial retail price tag of about $80, which is a fair chunk of money for what is effectively a toy game. The good news is that the price has already dropped from those immediate highs and even though the majority of the big stores are still pricing it at about $75, the smart shoppers are picking up lower priced bargains.


Probably the most compelling reason to buy the Mattel Mindflex game is its sheer unique and innovative technology. You just can’t buy a similar toy or game at the moment. Does it work? Yes.

I think it is safe to say that this 1st generation toy will inspire many future ones of a similar nature form Mattel and every other toy manufacturer, but the Mindflex is certainly the first. Hey, who knows, a pristine example may be worth some money in time to come as the game that started it all.

The innovation behind the game means that when you actually get down to playing it, it is so different an experience, that it really does make a refreshing change. Unlike the norm, where most games are more or less a rehash of an existing game, toy or concept and you almost know how to play it before you even begin.

The innovation is certainly an attention grabber from friends, family and passersby. People just cannot help but watch in fascination and it’s pretty surreal really to see a group of fully grown adults with their mouths open watching a little foam ball bob up and down. It is no surprise then that the majority of people that buy the Mattel Mindflex game do so after having first hand exposure to it.

Design and Quality

The Mind Flex is designed in a way that really does echo its technologically advance entertainment value. The console itself is sleek and futuristic and comes with some great sounds and lighting.

The headset could be better in terms of comfort and looks and I’m sure that will be something that will be improved upon in later versions of the game, but the current headset really is fine for its intended purpose and does the job without problem.

The smaller parts that are included seem to be a bit delicate and have received a few negative criticisms in this regard. However, they work, don’t break and are designed in a way that makes them ideally suited for the function and purpose of the game. The four balls that are included are made of foam and you should take care not to squeeze your balls out of shape.

Fun Factor

Adults find the required mind control takes a little bit of time to fully master and then they take pride in going through each of the 5 preset game types. The novelty seems to wear off after a while if you play this game on your own. Adults much prefer to play the Mindflex with a group of friends or family, where the fun does continue on and on.

Children seem to spend large amounts of time trying to perfect their concentration and relaxation techniques to achieve the fastest speed course completion times. For those children with focus, concentration or attention problems, this has proved to be a great aid.


So, is it worth buying? If the price point is not an issue and you are looking for the very latest in toy and game technology and heaps of fun in group situations or you want to increase your teenager’s concentration levels, then the Mattel Mindflex game is great game to buy.

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