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Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly Board Game

by adminagosto 14, 2015

Cloaked in some very interesting history, Monopoly has been a favourite board game for family and friends in one form or another for over a century. Published in 1999, the Guinness Book of Records even state that the monopoly board game has been played worldwide by over 500 million people making it the world’s most played board game.

Originally made with the idea of teaching people an economic system, monopoly, literally meaning to dominate or simply have one person own everything, relates here to the buying and selling of property and the management of those properties, monopoly has been seen to help with educating people in the realms of business dealings and financial management.

Originating from a game going by the name, the landlords game, the monopoly board game has evolved to the ones we play today with many different versions and themes available, structured around the ability for one player to create the most wealth to win the game, to monopolize or to own the most, thus creating the most wealth and forcing his opponents into bankruptcy.

The official instructions to the monopoly board game encourage players to adapt the rules or even add additional house rules or perhaps remove a rule to make their playing that bit more unique, however the basis of the original monopoly board game is much the same over.

To briefly outline just a few of the basics, firstly before the game commences the players decide on who is to be the banker and each player chooses a playing piece, then in an agreed order the players roll the dice to progress clockwise around the playing board. On route the players meet various scenario’s including the picking of community chest or chance cards which give instructions for that player to follow, the prospect of ending up in jail or landing on a tax square where a payment has to be made to the bank but the most important strategy is for players to buy up properties, once bought, any other player landing on an owned property will have rent to pay to the owner of that property. If a player can acquire a full set of properties which are related they can then start to enhance that set of properties by purchasing houses and hotels to increase the rent payments due from other players when landing on one of the properties within that set.

The winner of the game is the player left after the other players have nothing left in money or property terms, but please be aware that this situation sometimes takes a very long time to achieve so perhaps one of your house rules could be a time limit, where the winner of the monopoly game is the player with the most cash and assets after a given time of playing.

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