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MouseHunt – A Resource Management Game

MouseHunt – A Resource Management Game

by adminoutubro 27, 2015

MouseHunt Game starts by giving a hunter a wooden base, a spring trap and cheese. Each captured mouse rewards the hunter gold and points, depending on the type of mouse. Gold and points can be redeemed to buy a more powerful trap. With patience, a hunter will be able to acquire a C4 explosive base, equipped with a DeathBot to take out the mice. This makes the early part of the game looks like a typical game of resource management. The trick is to improve the trap while keeping enough money to keep the trap that comes with the cheese. This first part of the game is pretty simple, but a hunt can only be done every 15 minutes.

The game is best played in the background even while the user is not even connected to Facebook, an example of a passive type of gaming.

The usual play for real money is to donate in exchange for Super Bries in the game, otherwise the cheese, which attracts the largest and most valuable mice. The list also includes extremely rare mice, which can actually be exchanged for real-world money and prizes which in turn attracts a lot of players to play the game. But Super Brie can also be obtained from strong market, where the in-game gold can be traded with brie and vice versa. In this way, you can use real money to buy almost all standards of play in store.

MouseHunt, like all good games in Facebook, takes advantage of social networks. Players can form their hunting team, trade with each other, and even tournaments. Succeeding in the game will allow players to boast in their Facebook profile pages.

Although the game can become frustrating for players who want to earn lots of money and improve quickly, MouseHunt can provide fun few minutes a day.

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