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My Tribe Game Review

My Tribe Game Review

by adminsetembro 15, 2015

My Tribe is all about the survival skills of a group of people stranded in an island after shipwrecked. On the beautiful tropical island, you guide the island-dwellers telling them what to do, miz and match some magical portion and sprinkle them onto the islanders.

With the reality TV show “Survival”, also features on the surviving and adventure skills based on the basic human instinct and natural resources, more and more games are coming up with the same theme. One of the similar games that My Tribe has with other games is Virtual Villagers. Virtual Villagers also based on the villagers and how to keep growing the entire village, farming, and all. So if you are familiar with Virtual Villagers, you should be able to skip most of the intro that this game My Tribe has.

Plant some crops, harvest some food….catch some fish….assign and get some islanders to be in charge of some specific tasks. Build new homes to the islanders by getting wood and stone to build some huts. Use as much as you can the resources available. Same as Virtual Villagers, My Tribe also continues to work even when you have switch off your games. People continue to gather food, giving birth to children, harvest and all the activities.

One thing to take note is that the opposite may came true. People will grow old, and those that are too old may not be able to gather food or able to produce kids anymore. So the entire islanders may be wiped out and become a greatly deserted island…again! So come back to this game as often as you can to check out your tribe here.

The portion to sprinkle onto the islanders makes this game unique and different from the villagers. If you mix the portions correctly, the it serves its purpose to be helpful to the islanders. If not…well…the magical portion doesn’t work.

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Source by Mabel Lee

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