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Nostalgia For The DS – A Game Review

Nostalgia For The DS – A Game Review

by admindezembro 14, 2015

The makers of Nostalgia DS have been constantly stating that they are working on the game and planning to bring it out on the right time. At first this surely sounded like a sugar coated statement but it is when you start playing the game and realize the different eras included in the game are of RPG influences. All of us have seen quite a few RPG release but Nostalgia DS is an attempt of a different kind and brings a more realistic game play experience by making use of real life locations that you will visit throughout the game. Nostalgia DS also offers a vivid 19th century theme that enhances the game play even more.

Just like any other Japanese RPG title Nostalgia DS is pretty much the same. In this game you have a complex story playing out involving a number of quests surrounded by large battles that need to be fought. There are even a few side quests that confer the player with extravagant opportunities in order to level their characters and also earn more money. Even though the game tends to traditional there are ample twists in the game to enchant players during game play.

During the game play when you want to move from one location to other involving great distances to be traveled, instead of walking you can board a huge airship, and just like you would encounter enemy while traveling on foot, you would get you fair share of enemies along the way when you are traveling in air on that large airship. And if you manage to upgrade your airship you would be able to fly it at varying altitudes at will. But as you fly at higher altitudes you will confront stronger enemy.

Just like with any RPG, leveling up and modeling your characters ensures a greater rate of survival in the game. Once you have modeled your character properly you will be able to purchase armor, advanced weapons, specialty items using the money that you have earned in different battles. You can by all these weapons in the different cities that you visit along the way.

Airship ports are something unique to this game and these airship ports allow you to upgrade to make it stronger for the battle and you can also repair you airship if it is damage during the battle. If you do not level up your character or upgrade your ship this could mean an undesirable quick end to your party. Modeling your character and upgrading your airship with the latest upgrades will give you the decisive edge and this is something that you would feel during the battle.

Source by Adnan Akramz

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