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Pulse Jet Technology

Pulse Jet Technology

by adminoutubro 19, 2015

What is a pulse jet? Pulse jet is specific type of pollution control device that various industrial facilities use to maintain their indoor air quality. It is a dust collector which utilizes the Pulse Jet technology to remove potentially harmful dust particles or other contaminants from the air. Dust collectors are valuable devices in the pollution control management arena. They can collect an array of forms ranging from tiny particles to liquid droplets in the air. Plastic processing, rubber, welding, and woodworking facilities all can greatly benefit from pulse jet collectors. It has the ability to eliminate pollutant matter from the air in an effective and timely manner. The usage of this product will prevent harmful airborne particles from affecting employees. Taking the proper precautions to ensure the health of your workers is crucial for success in the industrial manufacturing field.

So, how does the pulse jet technology work? There are two filter bags supported through the use of wire cages. Certain models have a water trap filter to help remove contaminants from the air in the working environment. Contaminated air flows through the pulse jet collector due to the blower fan feature. Standard models have a timer which directs when the cleaning process will take place. When the timer goes off a valve opens with elevated air tension forcing the contaminated air into the filters to be cleaned. A burst of compressed air pumps or pulses through the bags in the body of the device. Once cleansing has been completed the valve will drain or can be manually drained depending on the model. Most forms posses a venturi nozzle to aid in the directional flow during the filter process. They can function continuously. This gives a working environment a consistent influx of quality indoor air.

The pulse jet technology is considered to be one of the most effective methods to thoroughly clean contaminated air. It can dramatically reduce the recirculation of harmful dust particles back up into the air. Two of the best features about the system is it’s ability to quickly clean non-stop and the low maintenance involved. The pulse jet technology allow the collector to effectively filter pollutants in the air within seconds. Some dust collectors require regular maintenance which can make facilities lose valuable operating time. These specific makes do not require constant maintenance. They are very self-efficient. The advanced technology used often give users the luxury of not having to worry about manual cleaning.

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