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The Art of Link Building Game

The Art of Link Building Game

by adminoutubro 31, 2015

It is so easy for many webmasters to research and get most of the prominent keywords in several niches today, thanks to many free keywords research tools online. But what is really pertinent is that many of the web owners and bloggers doesn’t really know how best to make use of the keywords they took time to get online. You will be having some unique positive edge over your competitors if you know one or two better ways of using the same targeted keywords to outperform others in your niche.

You can begin to greatly optimize your targeted keywords by understanding some ways of using it properly in your anchor text links. It is not enough to know that link building helps sites to rank higher in the search engines’ result pages, because you may know that without being able to do what is right in order to start getting the right results. There is need for you to know certain issues about link building and the various changes that are taking place in the industry on regular basis. One of the common changes in the link building arena is the fact that quantity is no longer accepted over quality links. Some years back, your site may just begin to rank high in the Google search result pages if you have as much inbound and even outbound links as possible. It was even possible for your site to be ranked high if most of the link that was pointing to it wasn’t coming from relevant sites and blogs.

All those are history today because Google and other top search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Bing e.t.c are constantly devising ways of pin-pointing to the exact results that are being searched for at any given time by any web sufferer. For example, your may be wasting your precious time if you try to get inbound links from site that are selling men’s wears when your site is based on information marketing. For optimal result, your best bet should be to try and get as much one way inbound links as possible from sites that have something to do with internet or information marketing, assuming yours is in the same niche. This simply goes a long way to explain that links that are coming from sites of blogs from the same niche are more valuable than those from other niches.

You can get these unique one way inbound links from sites or blogs in the same niche as yours through several means such as blog commenting, articles marketing, social networking and so on. For example, for you to get the best one way inbound links from blog commenting, you are advised to search for top ranking blogs in your niche. This is where you would use proper keyword-rich anchor text to link back to your site or blog in the signature area. Then start posting beneficial comments from what others are saying in the blog.

Article marketing also helps to acquire positive one way inbound links because if your articles are of high quality, many blogs in the same niche as yours would eagerly begin to republish your articles in their blogs without removing your keyword-rich anchor text links. This will help to give your site the needed one way inbound links and even generate more direct targeted traffic for your business.

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