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Ultimate Duck Hunting Game – Does it Live Up to Its Name?

Ultimate Duck Hunting Game – Does it Live Up to Its Name?

by admindezembro 14, 2015

Ultimate Duck Hunting is a duck hunting for Wii that tries to bring the glory of the classical NES titles to the high-end consoles of today, but fails really miserable. The presentation didn’t fail that much, but it failed in every other aspect. The visuals had the same effect with the PC title released a few years ago.

And apparently, there were no improvements. The motionless, boring sky is still there, unrealistic grounds and trees that are like cut-outs from a cardboard. The environments won’t really inspire you to hunt at all. To start the game, you first need to pick a gun, choose your dog’s color and select the hunting suit you want.

You can then wander around the surrounding looking for spots where paddle of ducks hang out. You can use three duck calls, which only differs with the color of duck each can attract. The main objective of the game is to shoot as many birds as you want and the dog will get them with its mouth. The controls take a little time to be responsive to your actions, which is really disappointing. It couldn’t get any worse when you find out that there’s no point limit, no time limit or objectives when hunting. It’s just so uninspiring.

The game however has a multiplayer mode but you sure need some luck if you want to try this mode because you can’t see that many people online to compete with, despite the fact that the game allows a maximum of two people to compete with each other. In summary, Ultimate Duck Hunting doesn’t live up to its name of being the ultimate duck hunting game.

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