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Video Game Testing From Home

Video Game Testing From Home

by admindezembro 16, 2015

Video game testing from home; it sounds like a pipe dream, I know. You are probably saying to yourself, “It is hard enough to get a regular video game testing job, let alone one from home!”. I’m here to tell you that it may not be as difficult as you would think! There is a couple of not so well known secrets among job seekers that inevitably leads to failure while trying to get a video game testing job, and I will reveal these in this article for you.

The first “secret” that probably didn’t escape your notice is that they either rarely post jobs, or don’t entirely. Many people pass this off as the rarity of said jobs, but this is simply not the case. The reality here is that there are tons of video game testing jobs, with new opportunities opening all the time; however, they are also so many gamers that they don’t need to advertise. They figure they will get a higher quality of gamer, someone with more dedication and initiative if they simply let the job seekers contact them, or hear about it through gaming industry contacts. The important thing to take with this is the realization that you have two realistic ways to score these jobs, short of already knowing someone in high places or having a degree; show initiative and contact various companies, or find someone in the industry with contacts who will recommend you for the job.

Yes, a degree will help, but it is not needed. The first method of going out on your own would be significantly easier if you did have one, but for the second it hardly matters at all. I want to be up front with you though, this is a service they are providing for you if you take this route, make no mistake. In return for recommending you to 50+ gaming companies, giving you a great chance of getting a job in any genre of your choosing, with the option of working from home with some of the companies; you compensate them. This is indeed one of those things that is too good to be free, and if someone did offer you this kind of service for free, I’d say they are either family, or lying!

If you are still interested and wish to learn more on this great opportunity, head over to Gaming Tester where it will be covered in complete detail. The video game industry is growing exponentially, and there couldn’t possibly be a better time to get your foot into the door than right now!

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