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dezembro 16, 2015

Video Game Testing From Home

Video game testing from home; it sounds like a pipe dream, I know. You are probably saying to yourself, “It is hard enough to get a regular video game testing job, let alone one from home!”. I’m here to tell you that it may not be as difficult as you would think! There is a couple of not so well known secrets among job seekers that inevitably leads to failure while trying to get a video game testing job, and I will reveal these in this article for you.

The first “secret” that probably didn’t escape your notice is that they either rarely post jobs, or don’t entirely. Many people pass this off as the rarity of said jobs, but this is [...]

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dezembro 15, 2015

The Flower Drying Game – Part 2: Sand or Glycerin?

Part 1 in this 3-part series, Air, Sand, and Sources, detailed the basics of air drying and spoke briefly about drying more delicate flower specimens in clean, fine sand or a specialized material called silica gel. If you haven’t already, you might like to go back and browse Part 1 before you begin pouring sand into a box. Later, in Part 3, I’ll show you how you can make your own affordable flower-drying press. Now it’s time to roll up our sleeves and actually get the job done with sand and glycerin.

The Sand Process. By now you’ve probably run down a supply of suitable sand and a shoe box, so let’s dry just one flower to start with, and see how [...]

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dezembro 15, 2015

Grand Theft Auto Video Game

Even though it had to compete against numerous free online racing games, the Grand Theft Auto video game was an immediate hit due to the thrilling adventures involved when playing the game. This was the very first game in what was to become the legendary Grand Theft Auto game series, later developed for PC, PS2 and the Internet as well.

When you are playing the Grand Theft Auto video game you get to be the villain. You are a criminal roaming the streets of the city and you get missions befitting your job description: assassinations, bank robberies and many other smaller crimes. You have various weapons more or less at your disposal, meaning that any successful act of [...]

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dezembro 14, 2015

Features Of The Customized Game Boxes

For game manufacturers that are looking for ways to launch their new products, here is the beautifully customized game boxes you can make use of. You can give your business a good reception in the market, by using these special boxes to package them. Game lovers all over the world, are attracted to your products when you use creative designs for your packaging. You can use animated artworks with 3D effect on your game boxes. Also add images of their favorite games, as well as pictures of popular athletes. For children, you can add their favorite cartoon characters.

One special feature of these game boxes, that distinguishes it from the others, is the quality of its material. [...]